Stylish stairways and balustrades that catch the eye

We are general engineers with many of our clients using us for a broad range of their engineering needs – whatever their industry. Examples include:

Construction/Building – Structural beams and framing, architectural steel, seismic strengthening, balustrades, staircases, awnings, scaffolding

Food Production – Stainless steel pipework and welding, conveyors, fabrication and gantry systems, wine and food plant.

Infrastructure – Bridge supports, steel furniture, bollards, crash rails/posts, stairways and hand rails.

Farming – Agricultural and yard repairs, dairy milking sheds, milking platform repairs, trailer build and repair, auger repairs, portable weighbridges.

Welding - All Types - aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel, hard facing.

Maintenance/Repairs - Onsite, quoted or day labour.

Draughting - In-house from concept to final design/build.